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An average car has over 30,000 parts. All of these parts can wear down over time and need to be replaced or repaired, especially if the car is salvage or used. Some parts of your car can be repaired easily, while others can go to recycling stations for future use. This is good for your wallet and the environment. Let’s look at some auto recycling tips that will save you money.

Engine (Reclaim)

The engine of an auto is designed to last for a long time. A skilled mechanic can repair an engine that is damaged. The extent of damage to the engine will determine the cost. It will often be cheaper than buying a new engine or remanufactured one, and it is better for the environment.

Motor Oil (Recycle)

It is illegal in most countries to dispose of used motor oil due to its toxic nature. It is possible to take your oil to a local recycling/collection center, where it can be cleaned up and reused. Because motor oil doesn’t get used up in the engine, it isn’t suitable for recycling.

Oil Filters

They should be high up on any list of reclaimed or recycled car parts because they are very fast degrading. Oil filters should be changed approximately every three months, or at least once per oil change. It is best to not throw away used oil filters with other garbage. They contain a lot of toxic motor oil residue. Modern oil filters can be recycled completely.

You can recycle your used oil filters by packing them in plastic bags and taking them to the nearest collection center.

Windshield Glass (Recycle)

There are likely to be some glass panes that need replacing after a collision. Because of their complicated design, windshields that have been cracked or damaged ended up in landfills. Technology has advanced enough to allow auto glass to be recycled. They can now seperate the glass from the plastic and reuse it in the production of bottles and fiberglass insulation. You can reuse certain pieces of glass for carpet glue, among other things.

Rims, Handles, Other Metal Party (Recycle)

Many metal parts of cars are made of aluminum and other valuable alloys. It is best to get a new set of parts like rims are damaged. You should not toss the old parts. Selling them to a scrapyard is a great way to make some extra cash. They can be melted down to yield the base metals that can be used in other parts.

Car Batteries (Recycle)

Car batteries can contain extremely toxic materials such as lead and acid. They are among the most dangerous wastes you will find. There are strict regulations in the USA and Canada for managing decommissioned cars batteries. A staggering 98-00% percent of all batteries are recycled. According to the law, garages and auto shops must ship all batteries to recycling centers. Batteries can sometimes be returned to their original manufacturer. You can melt the lead and plastic cases of the batteries further to make them usable again.

Hoses & Belts (Reclaim/Recycle)

Belts in good condition can often be salvaged from scrap cars before they go to the scrapyard. If rubber hoses are still in good condition, they can be recycled. You can also take them to your local recycling center, where they will accept rubber parts. These rubber parts are often shredded and used to create synthetic tracks, playground surfaces, roads, and other road-related materials.

Water Pump (Reclaim/Recycle)

The water pumps are an essential component of the engine block. These pumps are in a difficult-to-reach place on your car. They are usually very expensive to replace. You can repair or replace a damaged water pump yourself if you have the tools and experience to do so. You can also recycle this part. These pumps can be returned to auto parts stores rather than being thrown away.

Tires, Carpeting, and Mats (Recycled)

These components are made from rubber, plastics, and polymers and will not deteriorate and should not be thrown out. Parts made from rubber can be recycled and used to create construction materials and in landfills. These parts can be recycled to make new parts. Even better, you can get cash by depositing your used carpets and tires at your local recycling center.


Inspect Your Car Before You Buy It

Buying a used car is a large way to be efficient and to save yourself some money. With those positives though, there can ever be some concerns when it comes to purchasing a car that has had one or various previous owners.

As the buyer, you don’t even know a whole lot about the car, how it’s been handled or maintained, if there are any irregularities with it, or if there are any underlying problems that might come up after you’ve previously paid for the agency.

All of these things can perform it a little intimidating to purchase a used car but buying a used car prepares to have to be scary, there will always be risks associated with used goods, but there are ways to reduce the risk by inspecting the prospective car completely.

What is a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is specifically what it sounds like, it’s a professional review of the car that you are occupied in buying before you make any responsibility to actually getting the vehicle. This is a great and slightly safe way to ensure that you know what you’re in for with the car in the issue.

Pros & Cons of a Pre-Purchase Inspection

When you think about a pre-purchase inspection there doesn’t look like there are a lot of downsides to it right? You get a more in-depth knowledge of the vehicle without the actual investment into buying the car…but there are actually face some downsides to the pre-purchase inspection process. Based on whether the car you are considering is not, the inspection process can be challenging. Primarily, you are responsible to set up the inspection with a trustworthy mechanic. If you are local to the vehicle you’re looking at, this might not be a big deal, although in the event that you are further away or out of state, this could become a whole lot more challenging. First, you need to locate a mechanic that you do trust and after that, you have to experience the procedure of matching up the program of the seller with the schedule of the mechanic. Sometimes, you might even be in a position to acquire the automobile and from its inspection appointment. These may be challenging tasks particularly if you’re working all this into an already full schedule. Another thing to remember is you will have to pay for a pre-purchase review — reviews aren’t always cheap and it is important to remember that you will be making an investment into the vehicle regardless of whether you wind up going through with the purchase or not. On the flip side, if should you decide to have your potential vehicle inspected you might potentially wind up saving yourself thousands of dollars by finding out problems undisclosed by the vendor before you go ahead and invest thousands into the vehicle.

How to Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

We covered this a little bit in the previous section, but we want to experience the actual logistics of getting a pre-purchase review for your possible motor vehicle. First things first, you need to make sure you are serious about buying the car. Remember, it’s an investment to receive a car inspected and you wish to learn that buying the car is a serious alternative. As soon as you’ve determined you are serious about the purchase, you are going to need to allow the seller to know that you’d love to acquire a pre-inspection — if the vendor agrees with this your next thing will be finding a trusted mechanic. This may be a tricky task if you are looking for a car out of state — but doing your research and finding a reputable mechanic that has experience with the model and makes of car that you are wanting to purchase will help. As soon as you find a mechanic that you trust you are able to let them know that you are wishing to find a car into them to get a pre-purchase review — then the harder tasks comes of getting programs to match up between mechanic and seller, though some sellers may ask that you transfer the vehicle to the mechanic which could produce the scheduling aspect a little bit simpler. After the mechanic can do a complete inspection, they will let you know what kind of things you may want to be aware of, what issues they discovered, or whether the car looks to be in good shape. This ought to help you choose exactly what you want to spend on it or if you even want to proceed with the sale. This information could always be convenient if you intend to bargain with the seller — if you know the vehicle needs some fixes you can always use that information to possibly get the vehicle for a little better price.


You get in your car and are coated by a yellow indicator that won’t go away. Or maybe you are driving to work in the daylight and you glance at the MID to find that the analysis engine light is on. What does it mean? What should you do? Most importantly, are you in any significant trouble?

Every car has an onboard computer that manages and keeps check of the various features and purposes of a vehicle. This could change from things like an anti-lock braking system, managing the properties in an automatic car, reducing the air and fuel mixture, and much more. Fashionable cars are riddled with sensors installed at various crucial points. These sensors continuously interact with the main computer and if at any time they confront a problem, the computer will warn the driver via the analysis engine light. Usually, this pointer looks like an engine (or like a very large tap, to some) and glows yellow. Yet, it can also glow orange or red. If the light is constantly on, then it means that the enigma detected is not very dangerous but should be looked after at the earliest practicable. If the light is blinking then you have a pressing problem and it is not desirable to drive the car. If you are driving the vehicle when the light starts shining, then it is best to stop quickly and get the vehicle towed. Neglecting it could cause further injury to the car and even threaten your life if you keep driving.

Check error codes

As discussed earlier, there are numerous sensors connected to the main computer of the car and therefore the number of things that could go opposite is also vast. There are error codes incorporated with various issues and knowing these can point you in the general region of the difficulty. But how do you get to understand what error code is being dispensed by your vehicle? To know the error code, you will require an apparatus that can be plugged into your car’s computer and present the code. Almost all contemporary cars come with an OBD II port and you can buy a Bluetooth OBD device for it. The OBD II port is commonly located under the steering shaft or close to the boot announcement latch in some cars. Once you determine the port, plug your device into it, and combine the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You will have to download an app on your smartphone in order to interface with the device correctly. Once installed, you can see the list of failures right on your smartphone protection. A quick Google search of the law will tell you what the code signifies. Sometimes the cause of analysis engine light is as simple as a loose fuel fill lid or unplugged wires. Such small problems can be fixed without the need for nursing a mechanic. After you have corrected the issue, you can use the equipment to receive the error codes and your check generator light should work away. The same task can also be performed with the help of a dedicated distinguishing device that connects to the same port but has a performance of its own and buttons to operate the menu.


Which is the Safest Online Website for Buying Wiper Blades and Car Parts?

Windshield glass is the most critical part of road safety. But windshield wipers are called saviors when it comes to deteriorating weather situations. Wiper blades are paid little to no attention, although they are a very important part of a vehicle, and people usually remember their value through a storm of dust or heavy rainfall.

Discernibility is the key to safe driving. While drivers rely on the wiper edges of their vehicles to clear away rain, sleet, and snow, many are expecting to replace them until they have the most need. Recognizing that wiper blades are kept regularly will increase visibility, performance, and security.

Wiper blades should be renewed every six months, or as soon as you note a brightness variation in driving. They are designed to move in smooth, easy motion over the layer of your windshield. If wiper blades no longer provide proper contact with the surface of the windshield, they can begin to scream, smear, or streak, decreasing clarity to drive. Ultimately, broken or bent blades won’t work the way they were built.

Having a clear vision while driving is crucial. Good quality wiper blades are hence a must for cleaning up the windshield. As you go for your car’s regular repair, get the shield wipers tested to make sure the wipers are not injured and in good condition. This will help you to understand whether they need repairing or replacing.

To buy wiper blades online and to buy car spare parts online you need to understand your vehicle. There are many firms that sell car spares online. Parts Carpartjunction is an online e-commerce firm from where you can buy car spare parts.

You can easily search for the car accessories required along with the car spare parts needed. There are even opportunities to select the company name, model name, product type, model year to get accurate products. This will assist you to attain the right product that will ensure the wellbeing of your vehicle.

Damaged or broken wiper blades do not function correctly and can damage the glass completely, or worse, cause dangerous driving. We suggest that you replace them, or at least check them every 6 months.

Carpartjunction is an online portal for vehicle parts and accessories of quality aftermarket. Carpartjunction supports consumers by providing good quality and trouble-free service to ingredients at low prices.

To ensure the safety of yourself and your customer, make sure that the wipers are controlled regularly and are displaced every six months or a year before you buy wiper blades online.


The first car bumper was designed by George Albert Lyon and usage started in 1897.  Car bumpers are safety features that help to prevent or reduce the injury that could occur to your car during accidents.  Research has shown that car bumpers absorb most of the result that occurs during low-speed collisions. It not only helps protect you and your passengers from but also some of the key equipment such as exhaust, headlights, taillights, hood, and cooling systems. These components are all expensive to replace, and having a bumper can block or reduce the costs of replacement.

What materials are used?

If you look at the materials used, most OEM bumpers are basically made from plastic, fiber, or composite material. They could have an aluminum or steel reinforcement bar tucked away in the middle. Some bumpers may also contain polypropylene which serves to absorb energy during an impact.

What are the types of bumpers in cars?

The Standard Bumper consists of a paint-matched cover made of plastic or other materials and begins with energy-absorbing mechanisms. The Step Bumper is used in any cars and SUVs. This type has bumpers that come with a step-shaped cut-out in the center which sits just below the license plate.

When should you replace bumpers?

You must replace your bumpers if you get included in a disaster that damages the inner structure of your bumper.

Order quality Car bumpers 

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