Auto recycling: Things you didn’t know

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An average car has over 30,000 parts. All of these parts can wear down over time and need to be replaced or repaired, especially if the car is salvage or used. 

Some parts of your car can be repaired easily, while others can go to recycling stations for future use. This is good for your wallet and the environment. Let’s look at some auto recycling tips that will save you money.

Engine (Reclaim)

The engine of an auto is designed to last for a long time. A skilled mechanic can repair an engine that is damaged. The extent of damage to the engine will determine the cost. It will often be cheaper than buying a new engine or remanufactured one, and it is better for the environment.

Motor Oil (Recycle)

It is illegal in most countries to dispose of used motor oil due to its toxic nature. It is possible to take your oil to a local recycling/collection center, where it can be cleaned up and reused. Because motor oil doesn’t get used up in the engine, it isn’t suitable for recycling.

Oil Filters

They should be high up on any list of reclaimed or recycled car parts because they are very fast degrading. Oil filters should be changed approximately every three months, or at least once per oil change. It is best to not throw away used oil filters with other garbage. They contain a lot of toxic motor oil residue. Modern oil filters can be recycled completely.

You can recycle your used oil filters by packing them in plastic bags and taking them to the nearest collection center.

Windshield Glass (Recycle)

There are likely to be some glass panes that need replacing after a collision. Because of their complicated design, windshields that have been cracked or damaged ended up in landfills. Technology has advanced enough to allow the auto glass to be recycled. They can now separate the glass from the plastic and reuse it in the production of bottles and fiberglass insulation. You can reuse certain pieces of glass for carpet glue, among other things.

Rims, Handles, Other Metal Party (Recycle)

Many metal parts of cars are made of aluminum and other valuable alloys. It is best to get a new set of parts like rims are damaged. You should not toss the old parts. Selling them to a scrapyard is a great way to make some extra cash. They can be melted down to yield the base metals that can be used in other parts.

Car Batteries (Recycle)

Car batteries can contain extremely toxic materials such as lead and acid. They are among the most dangerous wastes you will find. There are strict regulations in the USA and Canada for managing decommissioned cars batteries. A staggering 98-00% percent of all batteries are recycled.

 According to the law, garages and auto shops must ship all batteries to recycling centers. Batteries can sometimes be returned to their original manufacturer. You can melt the lead and plastic cases of the batteries further to make them usable again.

Hoses & Belts (Reclaim/Recycle)

Belts in good condition can often be salvaged from scrap cars before they go to the scrapyard. If rubber hoses are still in good condition, they can be recycled. You can also take them to your local recycling center, where they will accept rubber parts. 

These rubber parts are often shredded and used to create synthetic tracks, playground surfaces, roads, and other road-related materials.

Water Pump (Reclaim/Recycle)

The water pumps are an essential component of the engine block. These pumps are in a difficult-to-reach place on your car. They are usually very expensive to replace. You can repair or replace a damaged water pump yourself if you have the tools and experience to do so. You can also recycle this part. These pumps can be returned to auto parts stores rather than being thrown away.

Tires, Carpeting, and Mats (Recycled)

These components are made from rubber, plastics, and polymers and will not deteriorate and should not be thrown out. Parts made from rubber can be recycled and used to create construction materials and in landfills.

 These parts can be recycled to make new parts. Even better, you can get cash by depositing your used carpets and tires at your local recycling center.