Used Auto Parts – Filling Electronic Parts Supply Chain Gap

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It’s not a secret that the supply chain for a lot of products that Americans rely on is in a state of disruption. When the economies of the world were shut down for months in Covid this year, some production was stopped, and even mining operations that mined minerals were shut down and the list goes on. This has led to supply chain issues that haven’t been seen in recent times. Couple it with economic and political tensions between the US as well as other countries such as China and you’ll have an environment that has caused issues in the acquisition of certain auto parts.

Even though we drove for a short time this year, most of the time, commuting and miles are driven are getting back to normal. In addition, people are driving their cars a little longer, which results in more maintenance. This results in more accidents, more repairs, and in general, more demand to purchase auto parts. The issue is that the majority of OEM producers for auto components have faced a tough to producing and supplying automobile parts for repair shops. This is particularly the case when it comes to electronic car parts as well as auto parts that require specific computer chips.

However, do you know what…automotive recyclers, as well as used car parts companies, are ready to save the day! We have an extensive inventory of ECU’s and electronic automotive parts transmissions, car radios, and engine control modules, any auto part computer you may require and we often have it available.

If you’re in search of any of the second-hand auto parts not in stock Give us a call now and we’ll do our best to locate the auto part that you require and get you a better price!

Why should you buy used auto parts through Central Auto Parts?

There are a variety of reasons an automotive professional or consumer opts to purchase a used car part from a specific salvage yard. Certain of them are obvious, while others aren’t so obvious. I’d like to spend some time explaining why a lot of people decide to go with Central Auto Parts.

1. Consistent quality Every salvage yard is able to produce high-quality parts, but any recycler in the automotive industry will face issues with unnoticed damage or issues with the part. Recyclers that are professional like Central have systems for monitoring quality, managing inventory, and even parts washing to prevent damaged parts problems with inventory, and dirty used parts for automobiles.
2. Solid Warranties The HTML0 Strong Warranty Professional Salvage Yards will carry a minimum of 90 days for their mechanical parts, such as engines and transmissions.

3. Price Competitive(HTML0) Competitive Price Central Auto Parts systematically re-prices inventory to ensure our customers get the most competitive price possible for a specific auto component.

4. Environmentally-friendly practices – Central is above and beyond the requirements of government agencies to ensure that we’re not releasing harmful substances to the atmosphere. We employ equipment that recycles the water from our wash bays to decrease our use of water and eliminate the drudgery of solvents or oils out of our washbasin into the environment.

5. A well-trained and respectful Sales Staff We train our sales personnel for 12 weeks prior to being prepared to assist and offer our customers commercially. We use a rigorous program of instruction to assure that our employees are prepared to assist customers in a professional and professional manner.

6. Fantastic Inventory We are constantly and continuously purchasing salvage vehicles to add to our inventory. We’d like to remain locally-based and also be able to offer our customers used parts from our inventory locally whenever it is possible.

7. late model salvage Yard The majority of the vehicles that are on the roads are around 10-11 years old. We try to acquire auto salvage and then sell used parts of autos that fall within the current year’s range. This allows us to offer the parts of your car that you require.

8. Clean and professional office environment at Central We take great pride in our office and ensure that our customers are at ease in our well-lit and clean sales office. This is not your usual filthy, dirty part office.

It’s possible to go on for hours giving motives why customers enjoy shopping at Car part junction, but I’ll just leave it at this point. We’re pleased to be Denver’s leader in the field of Auto Recycling and also a supplier of quality, clean, recycled auto parts. We’d love to have you visit us in the office or talk to us soon!