Engine Transmission

  • The main transmission parts that need to work together are: Planetary Gear Sets. …
  • Planetary Gear Sets. Manual transmissions use a clutch to connect the engine and transmission. …
  • Hydraulic System. All of the transmission parts are constantly submersed in transmission fluid. …
  • Torque Converter. …
  • Computer.

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Used Manual Transmission Car for Sale

Car Part Junction has quality used transmissions for car and trucks. We are a full service car dismantler in Northern California and can provide you with a quality replacement transmission anywhere in the United States. We focus our inventory on newer and state-of-the-art car parts for domestic and foreign vehicles. Then, if you are looking for a used transmission for your vehicle, look in our online database to see what auto parts we have in stock.

Used Transmission – Buy Used Transmission for Car

Car Part Junction provides the largest quality used transmission offer in the United States. All our transmissions are tested and inspected by our professional technicians and packaged so that they are ready to be shipped nationwide.

We pride ourselves on carrying out a thorough inspection process to ensure that every transmission that carpartjunction.com delivers meets quality standards. Our professional technicians remove the tray and filters from each transmission and perform a visual inspection to make sure the transmission you receive is worthy of being sent. Remember that we cannot guarantee miles on an actual transmission.

If you have any questions, we recommend that you call us and speak with one of our experts.

Quality Used Engine, Ready to Ship

Car Part Junction has a large collection of used engine and transmissions to choose from. We have both rebuilt and used products available. Our inventory contains engines and transmissions for many Japanese vehicle brands, including Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Mazda and more. Japanese auto parts tend to have less wear and tear than the US market.

When you need affordable, low-mileage engines or transmissions, call us today. A friendly customer service representative is ready to help you find the right piece.

Find Quality Used Car Engine for a Great Price!

At Car Part Junction, we have the used engine replacement part you want at the price you need. From the moment we received your inquiry, our staff works diligently to select a quality used engine by hand that will allow you to get back on the road as quickly as possible. Have access to the largest inventory of used engine part in the US. It means you get the right engine for the right price. Whether you are looking for a domestic or import engine, car, truck, SUV or van, you have come to the right place to get exactly what you need.

Used engine Replacement Part

Completing our instant and free online engine quote guarantees that you will get the best possible price, along with excellent reduced mileage, which is hard to beat in our industry. Once your engine is ordered, it is shipped on pallets, directly to your door or to your mechanic’s workshop ready to be installed.

Engine for Sale USA

When looking to buy a used engine, you may be surprised to find that your vehicle could support an engine several years newer than your vehicle. This can often allow you to get a replacement with fewer miles than your current engine in most cases. Complete our free online engine quote or call one of our expert engine / transmission representatives to help determine what type of engine will work with the year, make and model of your vehicle.

Once we help you find your engine, you will want to check if you need any engine accessories that may have been damaged or simply missing from your existing engine. In many situations, most or all of the accessories are still good in your old engine, such as the AC compressor, starter motor, alternator, etc., so be sure not to discard these parts until the installation of the engine has been completed.

Used Low Mileage Engine – Used Auto Engine

At Car Part Junction, we provide used engines for big players like Ford, Chevy and Dodge, which produce most of the cars and trucks you see on the road today. While there is no doubt that these are the best-selling nationally, we also use the following national brands.

At Car Part Junction, we supply most of the most popular import engines. As the statistics show, some of the best engines ever made have been produced by manufacturers such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. While many of these engines are excellent, these are just some of the quality used engines we supply. Then, if a used low-mileage replacement engine is required, it has come to the right place.


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